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This site uses cookies. If you continue on our site you consent to the use of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are sent to the browser and saved on the user's device (PC, smartphone or tablet) when they visit a website (in this case Cookies allow the site to function efficiently and improve its performance, and also provide information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize the browsing experience by remembering user preferences.


Cookies can also be distinguished from a subjective point of view into:

  • first-party cookies, i.e. installed directly by the site manager

  • third-party cookies, i.e. installed by a person other than the site manager, but who uses the latter's site to install their own cookies


From an objective point of view in:

  • technical cookies, ie cookies used to "carry out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide this service" (see Article 122, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 196/2003), which are divided into:

    • navigation or session cookies, suitable for guaranteeing normal navigation on the site (for example allowing authentication for access to restricted areas)

    • analytics cookies, used by the site operator to collect information on the number of users and how users navigate the site

    • functionality cookies, allow the user to browse the site according to criteria selected by himself (for example the language).

  • analytical cookies, allow the collection of statistical information in aggregate form (for example the number of visitors to the site), which, in turn, are divided into:

    • first-party analytical cookies (similar to technical cookies) in which the obligations are incumbent on the site manager (therefore the Data Controller).

    • third-party analytical cookies (similar to technical cookies only within the limits set by the Guarantor Authority in "Clarifications" of 5 June 2015) in which the obligations are incumbent on third parties who use the site of the first Data Controller.

  • profiling cookies, which can be both first-party and third-party, allow the collection of profiles relating to the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the net.


Does use cookies?


Does need cookies to work?


Why does use cookies?

To offer you the best possible experience as a user of our website. 

The cookies used are divided into three categories:

  1. Analysis and research: Cookies help us analyze the performance of our site. We use the information collected to improve your website experience.

  2. Advertising: cookies are used to show you the most relevant advertisements both inside and outside; they also allow us to see if someone has taken an action on our site after viewing an advertisement. These cookies specifically allow us to show advertisements to people who have visited our site or purchased our products.

  3. Functionality: if you are registered on our site through the use of cookies, we can personalize your experience and show you the most relevant content. For example, after logging in to, you can view more pertinent advice on accessories.


Does use third party cookies?

Yes, mainly for promotional and analytical purposes. To find out more about the cookies used, see the list at the bottom.

How to disable cookies?

The User can manage the preferences relating to cookies directly within their browser by accepting them, controlling them or possibly disabling them through the settings, and can prevent third parties from installing them. However, we remind you that disabling navigation or functional cookies can compromise and / or limit the functioning of this site.  

  • If the web browser you usually use is Google Chrome:

    1. Log in to Chrome

    2. Click on the menu in the browser toolbar next to the url entry window for navigation (button with three vertical dots)

    3. Select "Settings"

    4. Click on "Advanced"

    5. In the "Privacy and security" section, click on "Content settings".

    6. Click on "Cookies".

    7. In the "All cookies and site data" section, click "Remove all".

    8. Confirm by clicking on “Clear all”.

  • For more information: click here

  • If the web browser you usually use is Mozilla Firefox:

    1. Log in to Mozilla Firefox

    2. Click on the menu in the browser toolbar next to the url entry window for navigation (button with three horizontal lines)

    3. Select "Options"

    4. Select the "Privacy and security" panel and move to the "History" section

    5. Under "history settings": select "use custom settings"

    6. To disable cookies it is necessary to remove the mark from the item "Accept cookies from websites"

  • For more information: click here

  • If the browser you usually use is Internet Explorer:

    1. Log in to Internet Explorer

    2. Click on the "Tools" button and choose "Security"

    3. Select "Delete Browsing History"

    4. Select the "Cookies and website data" checkbox and then select "Delete"

  • For more information: click here

  • If the browser you usually use is Safari:

    1. Access the Safari browser

    2. Choose "Safari", select "Preferences", click "Privacy"

    3. Choose between one of the following operations: change which cookies and website data are acceptable and then select the “Always block” option for “Cookies and website data”; or remove cookies and stored data and then select “Remove all website data” or click on “Details”, select one or more websites and click on “Remove”.

    4. For more information: click here

  • If the browser you usually use is Opera:

    1. Log in to the Opera browser

    2. Select "Settings"

    3. Click on "Preferences"

    4. Click on "Advanced"

    5. Click on "Cookies"

    6. Select "Never accept cookies"

  • For more information: click here

  • If the browser you usually use on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) is iOS:

    1. Tap "Settings"

    2. Select "Safari"

    3. Select "Advanced"

    4. Select "Website data"

    5. And finally press on "Remove all website data"

  • This operation will allow you to delete the cookies, without however deleting the history. If you wish to delete the history together with the cookies, you must:

    1. Tap "Settings"

    2. Click on "Safari"

    3. Select “Clear history and website data”.

  • For more information: click here

  • How to disable third party service cookies:

    1. Google services: click here

    2. Facebook: click here and go to the section: "How can you control the way Facebook uses cookies to show advertisements?"


Buttons and widgets

On the pages of the website there are so-called "buttons" that represent icons of social networks (for example Facebook) or other (for example Google Maps) that allow users to interact with these platforms. These "buttons" can act as a mere connection with the platforms or, in other cases, involve the installation on the user's terminal of third-party cookies (the platforms) including profiling.  


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